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Autumn Equinox

Today is the autumn equinox, that marks the transition into autumn season. It’s also the day when night and day are equally long, serving as a threshold and pause between two states. The weather has been changing from one extreme to the other with ice cold, frosty mornings turning into hot summer days. It’s like an energetic tug-of-war between summer and autumn, which, as always, eventually sees summer graciously giving way to autumn.
Perhaps you also sense a similar energetic tug-of-war within yourself? Between all that clings to the old and worn-out (but also familiar and therefore somewhat comforting) and that which feels the impulse to let go and delve deeper into yourself— to explore what calls to be seen and heard within. Autumn invites you to surrender to a metaphorical death, where you have the opportunity to release all that you no longer need (much like the trees begin to shed their dying leaves). In the myth associated with the wheel of the year, the God and Goddess (symbols of the masculine and feminine principles) descend to the underworld precisely at the autumn equinox. So, if you experience a metaphorical death, become introspective and contemplative, and become aware of all the old things that no longer ring true for you, know that it’s perfectly in tune with the current energy, and the more you manage to let go, the easier the descent into the underworld becomes. Remember to be extra loving, patient, and forgiving with yourself as you move between worlds and states. The time right now can be used for reflection, especially on the autumn equinox; of what you are “harvesting” both internally and externally and considering which leaves you have yet to release.
If you feel the impulse to perform a small ritual, you can use the following for inspiration:
🍁 Set aside a minimum of 30 minutes and find a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed (preferably in nature).
🍁 Cleanse the space with Sage, Palo Santo, by physically sweeping the area, drumming, using singing bowls, or simply by visualizing that you are cleansing the space and creating a protective circle around you.
🍁 Have paper and pen ready and set a timer for 10 or 15 minutes (I can recommend Insight Timer, which has a soothing sound of singing bowls or gongs).
🍁 Ask yourself the question; what am I harvesting this autumn equinox – and then write freely, and without censoring yourself, whatever comes through until the timer rings.
🍁 Then, read through what you have written and underline important sentences, words, and passages.
🍁 You can then choose to transcribe the most important points; some might be finished, some might still be a working progress.
🍁 It can be a good idea to write, draw or give your points a creative expression (maybe you want to do a collage) and hang them a place where you see them regularly or compile them in a book that you can look at when you want to take stock at the same time next year (or more often depending on what fits into your routines/rituals)
🍁 Finish by writing down 3 things you are grateful for, and thank nature for being a perfect example of the cycle of life, where the dead and worn-out make way for the new to sprout, grow, and take its place.
Happy Equinox, however you choose to spend it 🧡

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