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Crystal medicine retreats

Yesterday was a busy day with a meeting with Poul Houlind in his beautiful retreat place “Lion House” about future cooperations for retreats with the crystal medicine.
Poul had made smoothies for us and we brainstormed, planned and had a break to land it all with rapé in his beautiful sauna. Thank you Poul for your hospitality and the interesting sparring and discussions.
Dates for retreats in August and October will come shortly so stay tuned.
A new study has shown that MDMA therapy and probably this is transferrable to other psychedelics medicines, is actually reopening “social reward learning critical period” that has previously been perceived as permanently closed once they are surpassed. This gives a whole new perspective on the healing and rewiring potential that psychedelic medicine holds and can open up to in the right set and setting.
After the meeting I drove back to work for 3 hours of training in Milieu Therapy, which is actually giving me some new perspectives and methods for the work I’m doing with my clients! It’s interesting for me to notice how my new job and line of work actually ties beautifully into the work I’m already doing in my sessions and ceremonies with clients.

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