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Crystal retreat postponed

Honoring the energy and following the path of least resistance, feeling deeply into whether or not something is aligned can be really challenging when the mind has ideas of what is supposed to happen!
This weekend I was supposed to facilitate a medicine retreat with my dear friend and medicine colleague Freya Luna Colibri at Poul Houlinds beautiful place in Maribo. It felt off the week leading up to it but my mind wanted to “pull through” and do it anyways. Cause we had set everything up, I was looking forward to doing a retreat again (which I have been missing immensely), I didn’t want to disappoint the participants and so on and so on. But the signs kept showing up and so I had to surrender and we decided to call it off.
It was such a release of held energy and I suddenly noticed how tired I was after months of working between 40-60 hours a week. I couldn’t help but smile at myself noticing that I still have some work to do on balancing my ability to “pull through” so it is used as a resource and not a means of pushing myself past my own healthy boundaries.
The past months have been a beautiful testing of what my nervous system is able to handle and I’m grateful to notice that the work I’ve done with myself over the past 10 years has led me to a point where my nervous system is more flexible than ever. I now have the ability to move more easily and quicker into rest and digest (parasympathetic state) after a period of stress and activation (sympathetic state).
It feels freeing but it also comes with a greater responsibility because now it’s actually a conscious choice I have to make and a balance I have to honor!
It’s no longer (as much) a matter of “if I can handle it” but whether I actually want to!
Is this the life I want to live? Is this the tempo I want to live it in? Are the things I spend time on and the people I spend it with serving me and the way I want to be in the world?
So the retreat didn’t happen but instead we ended up co-creating a beautiful day with ceremonial cacao, deep talks, sauna, singing and rapé.
We got to fill Pouls place with the beautiful energy we want to transmit on our retreats and to “initiate” the ceremony room, which felt really important. We are gonna find new dates for the medicine retreat in November instead, so the ones of you who have expressed interest in participating will get another chance when the energy is more aligned.

Keep an eye out in my private Facebook group for the new dates.

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