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Expression in ceremony

Another beautiful ceremony with The Holy Children is closed. I always feel so deeply touched and honored that I get to do this work!
This was the client’s 3rd ceremony and its so beautiful to witness his progress.
It’s interesting for me to notice how different my ceremonies are. Some are with a lot of words, some with few to none, some are with a lot of movement, some looks still from the outside. This is in my opinion some of the magic and beauty of working with these medicines. It’s all about allowing whatever needs to come through and follow the flow of what is there in the moment. This ceremony was more quiet than his last two with fewer words, less movement and less cleaning out (which I find is normal, that the first ceremony is basically always a deep cleaning, for some that really all they feel the first time).
Completely different from the last ceremony with a different client that really needed to move a lot, talk, make sound and really take her space in the room because she’s so used to being “the good girl”. I know that not all ceremonies will allow big outwardly expressions, but I feel that it can be so healing to allow it when it serves the process and is not a distraction from it. This client wrote these beautiful words after her ceremony:
“Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony. I’ve never allowed myself to let go so much except in dance. And I think having the space to move allowed this process. Thank you for holding that space. I am feeling good. Energy moving through me. From time to time I start feeling a lot of tension, as if there is too much energy inside of me. What I realized was that I just need to allow the energy to move through me. It’s me tensing up blocks the energy and then it feels as if there was too much of it. So my next steps are moving moving moving and also learning to soften. That’s actually my “next” big theme. If you have any tips for that, I’ll be grateful. But I am also sure the answers will come to me. In the last 2 days I thought for myself – hmmm, I feel blocked, I will ask Avilou about it and within a couple of hours the answer just came. The space you hold is so so special. It is so tender and open. So again, thank you thank you thank you. It has been a true blessing and something I’ve never experienced before.”

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