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Cacao & sound healing

Just finished another beautiful cacao session and I’m landing with an open, touched and grateful heart!
This session was very different from the last one and I love how I allow the cacao and the clients needs to guide the session. I never know what will happen or how it will look, which means all I really have to do is show up and become a channel of whatever needs to move through. It’s a beautiful mix of channeling this plant medicine’s energy and allowing it to work its magic while also utilizing all the tools and knowledge I’ve picked up over the years from endless trainings and educations.
Today the client really needed to dive deeper into exploring the physical pain in her body from a curious and loving perspective.
2/3 of the session the client was on the mattress recieving vibrational healing through various sounds (singing bowls, tongue drum, rainstick, shamanic drum as well as my voice) supported by touch.
Allowing herself to let go, she was able to get an imprint of deep relaxation in her nervous system and it was still working in her body and energetic system when she went out the door. This is very common and the process usually works for hours after a session, which is why I always recommend not having any plans after, to really honor the unfolding of the process and a deeper integration after. Slowing down, drinking lots of water, following the body’s needs, being in nature, journalling and resting can be great ways to support and honoring the landing after a deep session.

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