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Kambo session pre dieta

Another beautiful Kambo session with my medicine sister Caroliva Mollie Omkari!
I’m so deeply grateful for and humbled by this medicine. It has helped lessen my allergies; this year was way less intense and lasted a shorter period of time! And the problems with my lymphatic system seems to be healing too! I have way less fluids storing in my body in general, which means less and less of swollen ankles and a flatter stomach, even when I ocationally eat something with gluten in it the reaction is less and I’m quicker back into balance.
The sessions are getting easier and easier for me and the vomiting comes easier and quicker, and is more clear from the first many times where it as filled with pieces of fungus (Candida)…
I’m starting to really love this medicine and spirit of the Kambo frog even with its discomfort (which is actually a way for us to give back to the frog for the discomfort it feels when we harvest the secretion from it).
Viva Kambo!
This is part of my process of detoxing, winding down and slowly getting ready for the dieta with my maestros in end of September.

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